12 Days of Dermatology – Day Nine: Hair Loss


Finding presents for all your loved ones can be very stressful this time of year. The stores can get so crowded that you may just want to pull your hair out. Hair loss, however, is no joking matter.

Alopecia areata, also known as hair loss, is an autoimmune condition that can occur due to stress, a side affect to a medication or product, or heredity. It is unknown as to why the immune system stops hair growth. Hair loss can be patchy and involve other areas of the body in addition to the scalp.

Both topical and systemic medications may be prescribed by a dermatologist to treat hair loss. Topical minoxidil has been shown to help regrow hair or slow hair loss. Hair transplantation is a permanent form of hair replacement utilizing dermatologic surgery that involves moving some existing hair on the scalp to bald or thinning areas. Psychological support may also be helpful for people who have difficulty dealing with hair loss.¹

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