Personalized Answers to Your Skin Problems: Take a Picture, Ask Aysa.

Get Personalized Information for Your Skin Concerns

What is this dry patch on my arm? Does this mole look normal? Why do I keep breaking out around my mouth? If you’re like the majority of internet users, you’ve turned to the web with your perplexing skin condition. The problem is that online symptom checkers are wrong half the time, the information may not be from a trustworthy source, and they’re often full of medical jargon that can be hard to interpret.

Now you can get clear answers to your skin-related questions and make an informed decision with the help of Aysa. Aysa is an app developed by VisualDx, the same company behind SkinSight. VisualDx is a physician-led company with a deep knowledge base and understanding of dermatology that has been trusted for over 20 years. Aysa uses VisualDx’s world-class medical image library along with machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence, to give you personalized guidance about what to do for a set of 200 common skin conditions.

To use Aysa, simply take a photo of the affected area and answer a few questions. Aysa analyzes your skin and almost instantly generates a few possible conditions you may have and recommends next steps to take, whether it’s self-care measures or a visit with a health care provider. Aysa does not diagnose or take the place of a physician.

Aysa is giving people the information they need to make more confident health decisions. The app consistently receives 5-star reviews in the App stores:

“So happy!” says one user. “This app saved me a trip to the doctor and put my mind at ease.”

“I’ve been trying to figure out what’s on my arm for MONTHS. This app did it in seconds and I couldn’t find an answer anywhere else on the web…. A life saver.”

“As a mom of two girls, having an app that gives me personalized information on rashes and skin issues is really invaluable. I found the Aysa app easy to use and I felt the information it provided was trustworthy.”

Skin rashes can range from annoying but harmless to a sign of serious illness and can look different on different skin types—even if they are the same condition. From psoriasis to eczema to herpes, skin conditions come in different shapes, sizes and severities. Because Aysa is powered by proven machine learning technology, it is able to quickly identify your lesion type from a range of possibilities.

Take your health into your own hands and download the app today. Aysa is available for free for Android and iPhone. More information can be found at

Last modified on August 2nd, 2023 at 9:06 am