Lentigos are freckles, appearing as flat, light brown spots on the skin.
Lentigos are freckles, appearing as flat, light brown spots on the skin.

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Lentigos are freckles, appearing as flat, light brown spots on the skin.

Lentigo Simplex

Lentigo simplex is a flat brown spot on the skin that resembles a sunspot (solar lentigo), but it is not caused by sun. In both lentigo simplex and solar lentigo, an increased number of pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes, are present. Lentigo simplex can occur anywhere on the body, though, including areas that are not exposed to sunlight. Single lesions often develop on the lips or on the gums. Multiple lentigos can occur and are sometimes associated with certain rare inherited syndromes.

Who's At Risk?

Lentigo simplex can occur in people of all ages, but the lesions usually appear first in early childhood or are present at birth.

Signs & Symptoms

Lentigo simplex is a macule (small, flat, smooth area of skin), usually 5 mm or smaller in diameter, that can be any shade of brown or can sometimes appear blackish. The macules are usually oval or round, and the edges of the macule may be either smooth or somewhat jagged, with even distribution of color.

Self-Care Guidelines

No self-care is necessary for lentigo simplex.


Lentigo simplex is a harmless lesion, so no treatment is needed. However, your child’s medical professional may recommend periodic follow-up evaluations. The medical professional may recommend surgically removing a single lesion that looks very similar to other types of concerning lesions, such as melanoma.

If there are multiple lentigos, your child’s medical professional may want to do a thorough physical examination and order testing to ensure that there are no further features of the rare syndromes.

Visit Urgency

See your child’s medical professional for evaluation of any pigmented lesion if you are not sure what type of lesion it is or its cause.


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